1. Rules and features of registration of electronic tickets through the Internet resource

All operations related to the purchase and return of electronic tickets are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. To receive an electronic ticket through an Internet resource, the procedure of temporary reservation of vacant seats for the time of payment is performed, then the order is paid through the payment system and electronic tickets are received site in the mode "Paid orders".

При оформлении заказа на покупку электронных билетов в предлагаемые поля последовательно вносятся реквизиты поездки и персональные данные каждого пассажира. За правильность указания реквизитов поездки и персональных данных каждого пассажира полную ответственность несет лицо, оформляющее заказ. При совершении поездки по льготному билету пассажир обязан иметь при себе и предъявлять для проверки компетентным лицам оригинал документа, дающего право на льготный проезд.При наличии багажа пассажир обязан, в соответствии с "Правилами автомобильных перевозок пассажиров", приобрести багажную квитанцию в кассе автовокзала

Electronic tickets can be purchased in advance 15 days before the start of the trip, if there are free seats in the centralized ticket sales system, for international flights for 30 days.

The sale of electronic tickets on the day of the trip is made no later than 1 hour before the departure of the bus to the flight on schedule from the initial station.

In one order, no more than 6 electronic tickets can be issued, indicating the personal data of each passenger.

You can get an electronic ticket by printing it on the printer or at the ticket offices of passenger terminals (car dealerships, bus stations, bus stations, etc.) included in the centralized ticketing system and having contractual obligations with the Contractor for the sale of electronic tickets through an Internet resource, specifying the number your ticket.